Career With A B PRASAD & Co.

What are the jobs after CA?
A chartered accountant can develop a career in internal auditing, tax auditing, statutory auditing, finance controller, forensic auditing, management consulting, treasury management, etc.

Is CA a good career option?
There are endless opportunities after completing CA final exam. Most industries or companies require the professional service of chartered accountants. The CA can join another CA firm or a company recruiting chartered accountants, can practice CA, or can start their firm following the path of entrepreneurship.

What is the monthly salary of CA?
According to the Glassdoor report, in 2022, the national average salary for a CA is ₹8,70,860 per year in India. However, the salary level varies by state; for example, in Bangalore, the average salary for chartered accountants is ₹9,41,527 per year, whereas the average salary for chartered accountants is ₹10,34,743 per year in the Mumbai Area. Usually, the chartered accountant’s salary and years of experience are positively correlated; hence experience matters.